Training and Support

Training and Support

Our dedicated team of experts help all clients make the most of their business goals. Clients turn to us when they need the skills , experience, and people to train in-house staff or on-going support project specific or long time support.

Mosoon Group provides training and documentation services . Basic and enhance training depending on your business needs.


Our training solutions:

Face to Face Training

We provide face to face training. We provide in-house training or visit client's site to provide training.

Remote Training

We provide remote training. The majority of are clients are based miles from our offices , some of them on the other side of the World so with the latest technologies we can give any client, based anywhere in the World , comprehensive training.

Telephone and Email Support Training

We provide telephone and email support training 24/7, 365 days to our clients . Many of our clients have different time zones and we cater for these buisness needs. We have over 300 clients Worldwide.