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The existing traffic was low, and once on site the traffic conversion was low. Customers were browsing and leaving. Sales were down.


The new online initiative was designed to fulfil a number of goals: improve and, drive relevant traffic, increase stickiness by developing new power interactivity communities, improve communications between the community and the business, and launch a number of targeted marketing initiatives.

Our Services

Integrated marketing, usability and user experience, improve online business metrics and content and branding.

"We needed someone who understood the challenges that a brand like ours face developing online customers acquistion and converting them.Mosoon Group continues to meet and exceed our ecommerce needs and goals.We have an excellent collaboration and I can most definitely recommend them to any online business ." Brenda, director strategic ema marketing .

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The challenge was to create a clean, fresh website that projects and complements the brands images, while incorporating user and good buying experiences and technical sophistication.


The site was designed and built with a layout that quickly and smoothly guides customers through the shopping process, from the products they want, to the order and checkout pages and up and cross sell marketing to enrich their shopping experience.

"Mosoon Group provided ecommerce solutions, increase traffic and conversion.They helped produced convincing results since the launch. They developed streamline navigation, onsite search and compelling promotions. Beautycontinues to team up with Mosoon Group for increase conversion, retention and sales." Anne, Executive.

Our Services

Ecommerce website design, ecommerce consultancy, improving online business metric and integrated marketing.


Elegant Resort

At Elegant Resort, they have always been taking great pride in their unique line of products and in their dedication to service excellence. Business goal was to improve the user experience, promote the brand, drive relevant traffic to the site, and grow online sales.


To drive traffic to the site, their current and future SEO needs were analysed the effectiveness of its keywords and the results as a continuous SEO campaign. Special rewards, such as free samples, help to convert visitors into customers; cross-selling and up-selling features spell customer care and long-term retention. The site’s performance is now monitored on a regular basis with online metrics measuring traffic, stickiness, and conversion and retention rates.

Our Services

Onsite analytics and improve online business metrics.

"The company was committed to building successful business and drive online sales.As traffic dropped off we turned to Mosoon, they helped to redesign the brand marketing, developed powerful content with search engine focus and compelling promotions.They implemented all necessary metrics to track the site’s traffic and sales progress. Traffic and conversions have greatly improved and customer satisfaction has also improved resulting in more retention. "Clare, VP business development


Express Chemist

eCommerce fulfillment strategy and implementation

Mosoon Group helped express chemist develop its fulfillment strategy , and the advise on the implementation. This involved

  • Understand client's current infrastructure and future growth plans
  • Creating short term addtional capacity
  • Identify the right long term solution
  • Reviewing warehouse space available and locations, and seleting the best fit warehouse for Express Chemist
  • High-level design for new warehouse
  • Programme QA of the implementation
  • High -level design for phase 2 of the warehouse implementation working with the the service provider


eCommerce strategy and implementation of new ecommerce website

Avon was looking to improve online sales and its network of partners. A long term plan was needed to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience via a single web platform for both customers and partners websites. An initial phase was undertaken to deliver a replacement of the web platform tightly integrated with backend systems, such as call centre, order management and fulfilment. A second phase focused on improving ecommerce sales

Our services

  • Avon hired Mosoon Group to plan and implement the right technology and ecommerce strategy.
  • Bespoke systems and implemented successfully by Mosoon Group
  • The support of the Avon website was transitioned to Mosoon Group’s solution support team.


eCommerce review and implementation

Mosoon Group developed Marisota eCommerce initiatives onto a single platform, to reduce maintenance costs and make it easier for them to support their sites in the future. Mosoon delivered two projects in a phased approach, reducing the initial time to market for the first part of the solution. The project team worked closely with client’s team to ensure the solution met the business needs required for dealing with their product range and partnerships:

Our services

  • Understanding client’s current ecommerce white labels sites and future growth plans
  • Used Mosoon application framework to develop functionality for merchandising, content, order management
  • Payment gateway integration with WorldPal and Sage
  • Bespoke optimised search and browse
  • Backend systems integration for accounts, sales, catalogue request using Microsoft technology so that information could be horizontally shared across the business.


America Apparel

eCommerce warehouse move with major technology change

Our services
Mosoon Group helped project managment design, implement and launch a major fulfilment, customer service and payment processing move with associated IT changes, a £15m programme.

Challenge: A need to relocate and expand American Apparel fulfilment and customer service operations, which also required major order management and integration development.

Solution: We designed and project managed the move to new service providers , and ensured that the technology development and warehouse and customer services move was fully integrated. This change, which more than doubled capacity with lower operating costs, was commissioned on time, on budget, and with minimal impact on customers. It also provides flexibility to meet future business requirements.

Results: The new solution gave increased capacity at lower cost to American Apparel, and also provided future flexibility for change of fulfilment provider

Our move of fulfilment services to a new supplier entailed major IT and business change that took 15 months to deliver. Mosoon Group provided very effective programme management, keeping the commercial, contract, IT and physical change in line to deliver the solution" Susan Wright, Head of Trading Apparel.



Selection and implementation of new ecommerce website

Our services
Laredoute was looking to grow its omni-channel retail business with a new, highly sophisticated ecommerce website which offers customers excellent levels of service and presents its range of products in the best possible light. The aim was to improve the customer online experience. Laredoute also required a wide variety of easy to use emarketing and content management tools for its business users.

Mosoon Group was engaged to select the ecommerce website platform and related technologies to create a ‘best of breed’ solution

Mosoon Group’s proposed solution included the bespoke ecommerce platform, Adobe’s Marketing suite including Omniture Merchandising and Site Catalyst analytics, bespoke real-time recommendation engine, and ecircle’s e-CRM system for promotional and transactional email messaging

The Mosoon Group team implemented the solution, configuring and integrating the multiple applications to create a highly sophisticated solution incorporating targeted merchandising, sophisticated multivariate testing, and easy search and navigation

The solution also included powerful business management tools to enable the client’s team to manage and update specific areas of the site quickly and easily.


Technology systems integration

New Look

Creating an efficient warehouse and supply chain from suppliers to warehouse

New Look successfully integrated multi-channel processes under one department by implementing an integrated warehouse and supply chain practices and upgrading technologies.

Mosoon Group used best-in-class processes :

  • Application development, improvement warehouse and order and pick systems
  • Significantly reducing labor and inventory costs
  • Improve inventory accuracy and visibility
  • More efficiently use seasonal and holiday workers
  • Increase on-time performance and delivery
  • Improve warehouse operations and integrate facilities under a single platform


Marriot Hotel

To keep pace with aggressive growth plans, Marriot Hotels needed to replace legacy systems with best-in-class and ERP functionality. Data and systems were not integrated, and these disparate data sources and lack of information led to incredible inefficiencies and lack of organization, visibility and control.

With Mosoon group's experience in ERP solutions, Marriot Hotel was able to:

  • Select, implement and roll out bespoke ERP system in phases across multiple departments in only a few short months
  • Gain enterprise visibility
  • Enhance customer service
  • Improve execution and demand planning
  • The solution also included powerful business management tools to enable the Marriot team to manage and update specific areas of the sales and accounts systems quickly and easily, creating a real time environment for the business


Vivaladiva Improves customer service with an optimized supply chain

Vivaladiva needed to develop a supply chain strategy that improved the flow of merchandise from supplier to warehouse and customer while maintaining high customer service levels.

Looking at the supply chain through the eyes of their customers, Vivaladiva worked with Mosoon Group:

  • Create an optimal retail supply chain strategy
  • Synchronize their supply with demand
  • Improve speed to market and in-stock percentage
  • Reduce work in process inventory and safety stock


Project Management

Travel company cuts human resources service costs by 30% from £5million to £2million per year with 6 months of completion

As a multi-million world leader in travel, this company’s customer base includes airline, hotels and adjacent .

As the company emerged from bankruptcy protection, its Human Resources (HR) executives wanted to reduce service costs, which were averaging US £5 million annually. They developed a strategy to “right--source” key HR functions that had been outsourced to a single contractor. By bringing the majority of services back in-house, and partnering with an array of best-in-class service providers for select elements of the program, the company expected to both improve HR services and cut costs dramatically. Overall, there were 8 discrete projects included in the HR Transformation Program, encompassing all aspects of HR service delivery, such as Payroll, Benefits, Health and Welfare, and Pensions.

After eight months, however, the entire program was in jeopardy. Key milestones and deliverables were not being met for any of the projects, and critical cost overruns were adding up. With just four months remaining to complete the entire HR Transformation Program, the CIO realized that the organization did not have the program management expertise to achieve the expected results.

The CIO asked Mosoon Group Solutions to assume program management oversight for the HR Transformation Program. The following Monday morning, Mosoon group Solutions provided the first of two world-class Program Managers to turn around and recover the troubled initiative. This effort required masterful interface management between the client, the outgoing service provider, and multiple new service providers. Tensions between the stakeholders were high and expectations management was a critical element to success. Applying Mosoon Group Solutions’ proprietary Project Review and Recovery techniques, our consultants reset client/vendor requirements, milestones, resource projections, estimates, and delivery targets.

All 8 projects within the program were completed on schedule and on budget, with no service disruptions or outages during the pilot, transition, or go-live phases.
Within seven months of program completion, the client had reduced HR expenses from US £5 million to £2 million per year.
Because of the success on this initiative, Mosoon Group solutions continued to work with this client to build an organizational project management methodology, mature portfolio management practices, and help improve project execution across the organization.


Insurance company cuts cycle time by 50% and saves nearly $5 million using agile project management practices


Aviva company providing insurance products and services to clients in South America.

With a mult-million dollar project portfolio numbering in the hundreds of projects, the client needed to decrease time-to-market in response to competitive pressures and its expanding product line. They set aggressive goals to reduce average project duration by approximately 50% and improve internal customer satisfaction by 25% over a three-year period. The client’s project management environment at the time was rigid, depending almost entirely on traditional phase-based deliverable schedules, with a heavy development methodology.

The client adopted the Scrum framework and other agile product development techniques, hoping to benefit from the shorter project durations promised by an iterative approach. In adopting agile practices and techniques as part of this initiative, the organization was set to introduce radically new management practices to a traditionally trained project management community, with an emphasis on early and frequent delivery of value to end-users.

During the beginning stages of this initiative, Mosoon Group became an integral part of an internal group that provided agile coaching to teams employing agile development practices, coupled with training tailored to their specific environment.

Mosoon Group also mentored the client’s project management organization through the various changes these new practices required of an organization schooled in traditional approaches.

After 18 months of mentoring and coaching, a number of significant results were realized:

• Average project duration (cycle time) was reduced by approximately 50%, for a net savings of nearly $5 million
• Customer satisfaction improved nearly 30% 18 months ahead of projections
• Project startup duration decreased from an average of 8 weeks to 2weeks
• Time-to-first-solution implementation decreased from an average of 35 weeks to 10weeks
• 60% of projects adopting agile practices and techniques now deliver the desired value to end-users on-time and within initial budgets – by contrast, with traditional approaches, only 20% of projects delivered desired value on-time and within initial budgets.

Due to demonstrated successes using a combination of agile project management and development practices, the client has established strategic goals that formalize the intent to “go agile” across the organization. As a result, management has now mandated a doubling of the percent of projects using agile methods.

Mosoon Group continues to help lead coaching and mentoring efforts that will further ingrain agile practices into the company’s business operations.


Technology company customized project management training drives process implementation and creates quality and productivity improvement

Epson a global company operating thousands of facilities worldwide wanted to increase projects productivity and reduce project waste in processes and time.


The client’s IT division had an existing project management training curriculum that was not consistent with their processes. Participant feedback indicated that the courses were not well received and did not help them meet their goal of standardizing project management processes and knowledge across the organization.

The client sought to replace its current project management curriculum with a series of courses that could be customized to seamlessly incorporate their processes, deliver the right information to the right level of employee, and meet their training metrics requirements. The courses had to both focus on company processes and be compliant with the industry-standard, Prince and PMP framework.

Mosoon Group was called in to customize and deliver a series of courses targeted at different knowledge levels. They began by conducting an initial needs analysis and developing a design document for each course.

Workingclosely with the client during all facets of development, Mosoon Group used its existing PMBOK-compliant curriculum and infused the content with client specific processes and terminology. Courses were developed in successive waves, allowing Mosoon Group to meet tight delivery timelines. Pilots provided feedback to fine tune the content and flow of each course for delivery to the full.

Parcel Force

Parcel Force, a shipper of nearly 400,000 packages a year, engaged Mosoon Group to analyze their existing parcel pricing agreements to determine if they were in line with the market and aligned with their own supply chain.

By renegotiating their carrier contracts, Mosoon group:

  • Received a complete evaluation of their landed transportation costs and entire parcel portfolio
  • Reduced parcel shipping costs while maintaining a good carrier relationship
  • Completed a successful change in carriers